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THE HAJJ, it is a pillar (the pillar of religion) of Islam of the fifth after the creed, prayer, charity and fasting, pilgrimage is a yearly ritual performed Muslims worldwide who are able (material, physical, and knowledge) to visit and carry out some activities in some place in Saudi Arabia at a time known as the hajj (Ulan Dzulhijah). This is in contrast with the usual pilgrimage execute any - time.
The core activities of the pilgrimage began on 8 Dhu al-Hijjah when Muslims spend the night in Mina, wukuf (silence) field `Arafat on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah, and ends after throwing Jumrah (symbolic stoning of the devil) on 10 Dhu al-Hijjah, people used to call the day Indonesia Idul Adha, the feast of the pilgrims because they coincide with the celebration of this pilgrimage. 


- Tamattu
Has a sense of fun or relax by doing 'Umrah first month of Hajj, Ihram. Then again put on ihram clothing to perform the pilgrimage, in the same year. Tamattu 'can also mean practice their religion Dalan months and in the same year, without first return to the original state.
- Ifrad
Means alone. Implementation of the pilgrimage called Ifrad, if someone intends segregate, isolate either segregate Umrah pilgrimage and, in this case, the precedence is the pilgrimage. That is, when dressed in Miqat uhram it, the person intends to perform Hajj ibdah ago. When the pilgrimage is over, the person wearing the ihram again to perform Umrah.
- Qiran
Means to combine, consolidate or menyekaliguskan. What is meant here is to unite or menyekaliguskan pilgrimage to Hajj and Umrah. Haji Qiran done while dressed in ihram since Miqat Makani and implement all the pillars and obligatory pilgrimage to completion, although it may take some time, according to Abu Hanifa, performing Hajj Qiran, means doing two and two sa'i tawaf. 

  1. Ihram.
  2. Standing at Arafat
  3. Thawaf Ifadah
  4. Sa'i
  5. Shave the hair on the head (tahallul)
  6. Orderly
  1. Islam
  2. Aqil
  3. Adult
  4. Rational
  5. Healthy
  6. People Merdeka (Not Slaves)
  7. Capable, both in terms of cost, health, safety, and maintenance for the families left behind pilgrimage
  1. Perform Ihram from Miqat
  2. BeMulrdiam in Arafah until sunset
  3. Overnight in muzdalifah
  4. Throw Jumrah
  5. Shaved (tahallul)
  6. Overnight your required
  7. Farewell Tawaf
When you are in pounds, you should be right at waktunay prayer, midday prayer, Asr, and Isha in qashar into two cycles without performing plural, and the Sunnah of the Witr prayer at dawn Qabliyah continue to be implemented in order to follow the Prophet. Throw Jumrah carried out in accordance with implementation schedules that has been set by the driver to you. 

  1. Ailah of Jamarah Sugra by throwing seven pebbles.
  2. Move to the side, facing the Qiblah and prayed to Allah SWT.
  3. Move towards the Jamarat Wusta and throw seven pebbles.
  4. Move to the side, facing the Qiblah and prayed to Allah SWT.
  5. Then march towards Aqobah (unsuccessful) and throw seven pebbles.
Thawaf Ifadah
  1. Thawaf ifadah is one of the pillars of hajj and pilgrims are obliged to do so.
  2. Menstruating women should wait until purification (ablution) then do tawaf ifadah, one can not go back kenegaranya before doing tawaf this.
  3. Thawaf be unfixed if done seven rounds.
  4. Two capture prayer at the tomb of Ibrahim (if possible) or elsewhere inside the Grand Mosque.
  5. Drink Zam-Zam water.
  1. Fulfill Sa'i.
  2. Start of Safa and Marwah End in.
  3. Enhance total of seven times, counting among shafa and dignity once.
  4. Now that you have completed the pilgrimage.
  1. Do not spend too much or do other things related to return after completing Farewell Tawaf '.
  2. Prophet bequeath to make the Farewell Tawaf '(farewell) as the last work performed by pilgrims before leaving Makkah.
  3. Unless for some reason you are late due to arrive obligatory prayer time, when you can pray in the Grand Mosque despite Wada do so after completing the tawaf '
  4. After this, you do not need to perform tawaf again.
  5. Hopefully safely back to the ground water and may be mabrur pilgrimage (God willing).
Visiting Medina
  1. Your intention should be to visit the masjid Nabawi and not to visit the grave of the Prophet.
  2. In the hadith narrated by Abu Huraira, he said, "Prophet said:" pray in my mosque is better than a thousand prayers in other mosques except the Grand Mosque "
  3. It was narrated from 'Abbad bin Tamim from his name Asim Abdullah bin zaid that the Prophet, said: "Ibrahim was purified sedungguhnya Makkah and prayed for the people, and I have purified purify Mecca Medina as Ibrahim. And I pray Mudnya and sha`a as Ibrahim prayed for the people of Makkah. "
WHAT IS Haji Mabrur ??
  1. When one went solely because of Allah SWT
  2. When someone leaves because there is no interest and no revenue from debt or sell their property until the expiry nothing left.
  3. Upon his return from the pilgrimage ibabah no longer do evil-evil that has ever been done before the pilgrimage.
  4. Upon his return from the pilgrimage, he does not expect calls (pak haji / bu pilgrimage) because this worship of the god and his servant (Only god who gave Tittle best to His servants).
  5. Upon return from the pilgrimage no longer do and commit adultery seta speak dirty and things that are not helpful where ever he did before the pilgrimage.
  6. Upon his return from a pilgrimage in frequent worship and pray to the mosque five times and the Sunnah, which she rarely, if not done before leaving for the pilgrimage.