Saturday, August 1, 2015

10 Unique Facts About Hajj In Mecca

10 Unique Facts About Hajj - as one of the pillars of Islam, it saves a lot of unique facts of great interest for us to know, so here's 10 Unique Facts About Hajj

  1. Sa'I (small run around between the hills of Shafa and Marwah) are conducted to commemorate Prophet Abraham's wife, Hagar, while struggling to find their baby that thirst, Ismail. Meaning, Allah is appreciative of every human effort even though the man feel like a failure. He gave results can come from an unexpected direction because there is no wasted effort in the eyes of God.
  2. Tawaaf (revolves around the Kabah) has done the people since prophets before Prophet Ibrahim. During tawaaf mimic the angels surrounding the Kaaba conscience in heaven. Performing the Hajj rituals as interpreted as a symbol of unification with natural motion, such as a moving universe by means of spin.
  3. The total number of pilgrims from around the world each year is always increasing, year 2011 amounted to 2.5 million pilgrims from all over the world; 1.8 million coming from outside Arab and 800ribu derived from Arabic.
  4. Standing (silence in the Arafat) to commemorate the merging back Adam with Siti Hawa after parted long enough on Earth. God commanded Adam and Eve out of Paradise to the world as violated his order not to touch the fruit of khuldi.
  5. Extensive Haram currently 365 thousand square meters. The planned 2020 expanded into 587.250 square meters. If in a typical day (other than the Hajj season) can accommodate up to 900 thousand pilgrims on the Hajj, then it can hold up to 2 million pilgrims-an. Currently upgraded its capacity to be able to accommodate up to 4 million pilgrims.
  6. Number of zamzam (water) are distributed to pilgrims reach millions of liters. Zamzam (water) has been around since the time of the Prophet Abraham. Up to now become the main source of clean water in Mecca and had never experienced a drought.
  7. Saudi Arabia preparing personnel special security for the pilgrimage as many as 63 thousand troops, 22 thousand of them come from civil, and 6,000 vehicles. There are about 20 thousand health workers to help the pilgrims.
  8. The Kaaba was built by Adam. Prophet Ibrahim rediscover God's instructions and build it up re assisted the Prophet Ismail. Now the Temple is made of marble and granite. The door was made of 280 kg of pure gold. Black netting that covered (kiswah) is made of the finest silks and embroidered calligraphy from threads of gold and silver weighing 150 kg.
  9. Indonesia is the country with the most pilgrims.
  10. 10 Unique Facts About Hajj In Mecca
    10 Unique Facts About Hajj In Mecca
  11. Since the number of queued Hajj, there is one area in Indonesia that prospective pilgrims waiting for up to 15 years, in South Sulawesi.
Well, that's the 10 facts Of Hajj may add your insights.