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The Development Of Islamic Religion In Asean Countries

The Development Of Islamic Religion In Asean Countries

Islam in ASEAN Countries
  • Islam in Indonesia
Regarding the development of Islam in Indonesia will be discussed in the chapter on development of Islam in Indonesia. Therefore, in this discussion, we only write briefly. Islam entered Indonesia in the 7th century brought by Muslim traders from Arabia, Gujarat and Malabar. How to broadcast Islam peacefully without violence or coercion. As for the areas of early Islam is entered northern Sumatra, West Sumatra and Central Java.
The development of Islam in Sumatra could rapidly after Srivijaya empire in decline, especially in Pasai Ocean. Of Ocean Pasai Islam evolved to Malacca, Minangkabau, Riau, Tapanuli and others.
Islam entered into Java during the reign of Queen Sima (674 M) and Islam can develop rapidly after Majapahit Hindu empire in decline. The very act and meritorious broadcast Islam to all corners of Java is Wali Songo.

The Development Of Islamic Religion In Asean Countries
The Development Of Islamic Religion In Asean Countries
While the development of Islam in Sulawesi, not as quickly as in Sumatra and Java, because of the conflict with the Islamic kingdoms that have not Islam for political gain.
As for the development of Islam in Kalimantan very rapidly, since Suryanullah 1550 M. Sultan of Demak send the prince to teach Islam to the people of Borneo. Islamic religion developed in Kutai ± years 157 AD, in Brunei since the 15th century to, in West Kalimantan since 1550 AD, and the Dayak tribe in 1677 AD Along with the development of the Islamic religion then stood Islamic kingdoms in Indonesia, among others, in Demak, Pajang, Mataram, Bantam, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra.
Islam in Indonesia can develop well and fast. This is evident approximately 88% (1985) of the population adheres to Islam, then places of worship were built in every towns, villages and so forth. Places of study, places landfill or Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur'an almost in every village there. In addition, on the day of Eid, the feast of the Sacrifice, we can see Muslims flock to the ground to pray. Also in the distribution of tithes, slaughtering sacrificial animals and the implementation of the pilgrimage, which every year pilgrims Indonesia is always increasing and for 1995 pilgrims (who register) to 240,000 people thus exceeding the quota.
The rise of the veil in schools and college campuses, the rise of campus missionary movement, the birth of the youth organization of mosques, Islamic boarding schools lightning during the school holidays, the birth of ICMI, Bank Muamalat, Islamic insurance and so on. All of it, shows that Islam can thrive well in Indonesia.

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  • Islam in Singapore
The development of Islam in Singapore virtually no barriers, both in terms of politics and bureaucracy. Muslims in Singapore ± 15% of the population, ie ± 476 000 Muslims. As an Islamic center where there are ± 80 mosques there. On July 1, 1968, established MUIS (Islamic Ulama Assembly Singapore) which has responsibility for the activities of religious, health, education, economy, society and culture of Islam.

  • Islam in Thailand
Islam entered Thailand through Pasai (Aceh). When Pasai conquered Thailand, the king Zainal Abidin, and the people of Islam many captive. After they pay their ransom removed from prisoners, and the prisoners there is home and there is also settled in Thailand, so they spread the religion of Islam.
When the king of Thailand suppress Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1424-1444) of Malak to remain subservient to Thailand to pay tribute as much as 40 tahil gold per year but rejected, then the King Pra Chan Wadi attacked Malacca, but the attack failed. In the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah (1444-1477) Thai soldiers in Pahang can be cleaned. King of Thailand deputy Sure god named may be arrested, but he was treated well. In fact, his daughter by Mansur Shah's wife taken to eliminate hostility between Thailand with Malacca. At the end of these days, the Muslim Pattani long enough under pressure and oppression of the regime Bangkok Buddhist

  • Islam in Philippines
Based on the record of Captain Thomas Forst in 1775 AD, there are Arabs who first entered the island of Mindanao (Philippines) is named Preacher Kebungsuan the 15th century AD While the spread of Islam in Sulu island is Sayid Abdul Aziz (Sidi Abdul Aziz ) from Jeddah. The cleric also convert the first king of Malacca which was originally a Hindu, namely Permaisura replaced by Muhammad Shah. Then compiled with the preacher Abu Bakar who spread Islam to the island of Sulu, the island of Luzon and so on.
Philippine Muslims are a minority and their fate is now very poor. Like the fate of Muslims in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, where Muslims get interference, pressure and even extermination of hostile parties. Until now the Moro Muslims continue to struggle for autonomy because they are always oppressed and treated as second class citizens by the government of Manila. Therefore, the Moro Muslims continue to fight to defend themselves, religion and identity as Muslims.

  • Islam in Malaysia 
(Malacca)Around the 14th century Islam entered Malaysia brought by traders from Arabia, Persia, Gujarat and Malabar. In addition, there was a scholar named Sidi Abdul Aziz of Jeddah which convert the Malacca government officials and then formed the Islamic work in Malacca with the first king Sultan Permaisura. After he passed away to be replaced by Sultan Iskandar Shah and the Islamic Broadcasting grow forward, during the Sultan Mansur Shah (1414-1477 AD). Sultan like connecting rope of friendship with other kingdoms such as Syria, Majapahit, and China.
The triumph of Malacca can be fostered again little by little by Aludin Sultan Shah I, as the successor of Muhammad Shah. Then the central government of Kampar to Johor (Malay Peninsula). Sultan Shah Alaudin I was known as the first Sultan of Johor and Johor state nertambah increasingly crowded with the arrival of traders and settlers. Until now the development of Islam in Malaysia increasingly advanced and rapidly, with evidence of the many mosques were built, also seen in the implementation of pilgrims were so good. So it can be said that the development of Islam in Malaysia, there are no barriers. In fact, affirmed in the country's constitution that Islam is the official state religion. In Kelantan, hudud laws (Islamic penal) has been in force since 1992. The state of Kelantan is controlled opposition party, the Party of Al-Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) that ideology Islam. In the 1990 election defeat UMNO and PAS led by Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who served as chief minister of Kelantan.

  • Islam in Brunei Darussalam
Islam in Brunei can develop well without any obstacles. In fact, Islam in Brunei is the official state religion. For further development of the Islamic religion has brought scholars from abroad, including from Indonesia. Mosques many established. Muslims in Brunei enjoy a life that is truly sejahtrera Darussalam to its name (land of peace).
Per capita income of the country is among the highest in the world. Education and health care is provided for free by the government. Brunei Darussalam is the youngest country in Southeast Asia (independence in 1984 from Britain). Residents of Brunei Darussalam Muslim majority.

I will try to continue to write about the teachings of Islamic education, so this blog into an web directory that is useful to you. The development of Islamic religion in ASEAN countries made progress to date, although still found some minor clashes among religions in certain countries.