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Career Women In Islam

Career Women In Islam

Career women in Islam - Islam has set conditions to note. Everything is laid out in the Scriptures of the Quran, Hadith, or fatwa, cleric to be guidance. There are three opinions of the ulama and scholars around the discussion of career woman coloring. First, they allow women to work without any condition. Second, do not allow it at all, and the third, allowing but with certain conditions.

As quoted from the book al-Mawsu'at al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kuwaitiyyah, according to scholars and scholars of origin Egypt, Sayid Qutb, Islam is closer to the latter view. "For there is no prohibition in Islam, '' he said.

He further explained that Islam allows women working in the field the ability of origin adapted to the nature of her femininity. "Namely, the nature of the biological and mental state."

Career Women In Islam
Career Women In Islam

By looking at the description of it, it is obvious that Islam is absolutely never considered women simply as unemployed, or must be in the House alone, as it is alleged a number of circles. "The best of canda a Muslim in his home is a woven," words of the Prophet Muhammad who emphasized so that women also have to diligently work.

However, in the work, there are three things to consider, namely women's physical weakness factors, the nature of the task, as well as the ethics which should be adhered to. Further, described by Dr. Abd al-Qadr Mansoor, that with the physical is not as strong as men, women are advised not to do heavy work or who are at risk. 

This is not to preclude or limit. The suggestion was also associated with the task of women, such as natural childbirth, breastfeeding and keep families, so there needs to be a synergy with activities outside the home.

As for the ethical aspects are basically intended to balance relations between men and women. The religion of Islam itself knows called ikthilath law or berbaurnya men and women in one particular place. These terms shall be unlawful, could be a permissible reason.

Would be unlawful if it contains three things. That is, the tandem between men and women, revealing the faces were women, and there are limbs of transmission between men and women. However, the law does not apply to unlawful their profession as a physician.

So, there is no prohibition against women in Islam to work. In fact, many scholars of Hadith and the grip in carrying out activities useful outside the House, but of course should be the husband's permission (for those who have married). 

The book of jurisprudence P. Ibn Abidin precisely tracing aspects more broadly. It is said, that a father could steer her daughter to work, for example by following the Batik course or sewing.

Prophet SAW ever given for those who work, including the House of brides. "Verily, Allah loves those who do one job in earnest and professional (al-itqan)." (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi, Abu Ya'la Ibn Asakir,)
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