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How Beautiful Woman According To Islam

How Beautiful Woman According To Islam,?

Beautiful Woman According To Islam - Islamic identity based on the belief that the creator of man and the universe are the only substances that have the authority and the authority to determine how human beings live their lives. More than that, He is the only substance that creates human beings, these instincts and physical needs, and that he was the one who most know how best to organize them.
Muslims, both men and women, live their lives on the basis of the belief that they must be accountable for their deeds in each world to the Khaliq. Therefore, the Muslims understand that they must return any problems on laws and rules, as well as on the standard of halal and haram which has been established by The Khaliq. Therefore, the Muslim does not make sense to his mind and Eve as deciding how they define beauty, her looks, or how they judge him, but they restore all these problems to the Qur'an and as-Sunnah.
How Beautiful Woman According To Islam
How Beautiful Woman According To Islam
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To Muslims, the lust should not become the standard in determining how they view and treat women; but they made the Qur'an and as-Sunnah as standard. Allah said in Surah al-Ahzab:
And it is not worth for men who are devout and do not (also) for the devout woman, when God and his Messenger have established a statute, there will be options for them (the others) about their affair. And whosoever disobeys God and his Messenger then sungguhlah he has perverted, perverted real. (QS. al-Ahzab [33]: 36)
Islam does not define the concept of definite criteria about "beautiful women", and also does not specify how the appearance of a woman in order to appear to her beauty. Therefore, in Islam there are no expectations that unnatural that must be earned by women, as well as expected by the men. However, Islam does indeed discuss the concept of how a Muslim should look at different opportunities, and to whom he can fully demonstrate her beauty.
In front of a male who is not mahramnya, or among which may be married to him, a Muslim band in accordance with Shari'a are required, i.e. cover the whole part of his body except his face and both his Palm. In addition, the dress she wears should not be too thin so that her skin can seem, and also should not be too tight so it appears the form his body. Thus, all parts of the female body, including his neck, legs, and her hair (though only a only) – in addition to the face and both his Palm – is the Awrah is unlawful, which showed in front of men who are not mahramnya. All forms of exclusion provisions should be specified by nash-nash of the Qur'an and as-Sunnah, not human reason.
In one Hadith narrated ' Aisha ra, he said that Asma ' bint Abu Bakr entered the House of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a thin dress, then the Prophet ever turned and said:
O Asma ', indeed the woman if puberty does not deserve to have showed of her body except for this and this – pointing hands and face.
In the surah the an-Nur, Allah almighty said:
Say to the believing women: let them hold your gaze, and his cock, and they shall not dazzle the regalia, except that (usually) appears from her. And let their wraps the fabric hood into his bosom, and shall not dazzle the regalia except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husbands, fathers or sons, or their sons or their husbands, brothers and their brother, sons or brothers, or sisters sons, or their women, or the slaves they owned, or servants of men who have no desire (against women) or children who do not understand about the nakedness of woman. And do not let them them to his feet so that their jewelry is known to hide. (QS. an-Nur [24]: 31)
Ibn ' Abbas interprets the sentence "which (usually) appears thereof" as the face and both hands.
In addition, in front of a male who is not a mahramnya, a woman should not wear clothing, jewelry, and other uses that would attract the attention of a male over her beauty (tabarruj). As the word of God Almighty in surah al-Ahzab:
And let your best attire and behave like people and ignorance that first. (QS. al-Ahzab [33]: 33)
Later, when a woman came out of the House and entered public life (public space), appearance or clothing that required her khimar, namely headscarves that cover the whole section of the head, neck, and shoulder part surrounding the chest; as well as the long scarf of fabric, namely that closes her everyday clothes and extends up to the bottom. When a woman came out of the House without both kinds of these clothes share sin, because it has ignored The commands of Almighty Khaliq. The evidence is very clear, as in the following verses instructs khimar usage:
And let their wraps the cloth hood to her chest. (QS. an-Nur [24]: 31)
Meanwhile, in surat al-Ahzab, hijab oblige God Almighty:
O Prophet, tell your wives, your sons and wives believers: "Let them lend a jilbabnya to the rest of their body." (QS. Al-Ahzab [33]: 59)
In addition, in one of the Hadith narrated by Umm ' Athiyah, that she said:
The Prophet ordered us, whether he is slave women, female menstruation, or children of the Virgin in order to exit (towards the field) at the feast of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. For women who are menstruating are ordered to stay away from the prayer place, but keep watching the good and cry over the Muslims. I then said, ' O Messenger of Allaah, one among us has no hijab '. Then no matter the Messenger replied, ' Let his brother lent me a hijab to her. '
For Muslim women, the definition of beauty (good) was when he followed the laws and rules of Almighty God, while malice was when he put aside the rules and obey the eve to his. He should not follow the provisions set forth by the man. The effort to get the appearance and behavior of the specified that Allah almighty clearly still within limits the ability of every woman, and certainly will not cause a variety of problems, such as dietary disorders caused due to expectations that are not reasonable to obtain the appearance, size, and shape of a particular body.
Although Islam has no concept of a definite criteria about "face or a beautiful body shape", but the House of a Muslim is encouraged to perform certain acts that makes her looks enticing her husband, like to dress up for her husband and look neat and clean. The House of a Muslim knows that such actions would bring ridla. But when the beautify efforts – such as beautifying the body shape or whiten his face – the House of Muslim women have to realize that it all is in no way intended to conform to the norms in force in the middle of the community, but solely to comply with the limits specified Almighty God for him. Similarly the Muslim husband, when determining what is liked and what is hated.
so at a glance How Beautiful Woman According To Islam, hopefully helpful.