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The Great Days of Islam and explanation

Here Miscellaneous The Great Days of Islam and explanation

The Great Days of Islam and explanation - Already know you as a Muslim against the great days of Islamic religion, which is the historic day in the Islamic calendar, if not already know, please read this article.
  • 1 Muharram (New Year Hijri / Islamic New Year), The early days of the new year Hijri, shame on every night of the new Hijri year, very few Muslims who celebrate it. Meanwhile, in every night of the New Year we participate celebrate. It's alarming. It would be nice after knowing this, we are also excited to hold the new year Hijriyah to glorify Islam.
  • 10 Muharram (Ashura Day), 10 Muharram privilege described in the hadith of Abu Hurairah ra, that Allah SWT. has required the Israelites to fast one day in a year, ie on the day of Ashura. Hence the Prophet Muhammad advocated his people and paved the family on that day. Because the people who paved the family on that day will be facilitated by the God of life throughout the year. Prophet also said, "Day of Ashura is a day of fasting for the people of Quraish in the time of ignorance, and the Prophet fasted on that day. When he arrived in Madinah, he fasted and told the people to fast." (Narrated Aisha). thus fasting on Ashura, Muharram is considered legal sunnah.10 Islamic holidays because on this day many important events, and the victory of truth enforcement fighters. On the day it happened:

The Great Days of Islam and explanation
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  1. Allah made the 'Throne (‘Arasy).
  2. Allah made the Angel Gabriel (Jibril as).
  3. Allah makes Lawh Mahfuz.
  4. The first day God created Nature.
  5. the first day Allah revealed of grace.
  6. First Day Allah sends down water from the sky
  7. Prophet Adam. repent to God, and repentance is accepted so that he is clean from sin.
  8. Prophet Idris was appointed by God to higher place
  9. Prophet Noah was saved by God when floods soak his people who do wrong
  10. Abraham was saved by God from the burning of King Nimrod.
  11. Allah revealed the Torah to Moses.
  12. Joseph was released from Egyptian prison, after curling a few years as a result of defamation Siti Zulaiha.
  13. Prophet Ya'qub as healed by God from her illness.
  14. Prophet Yunus as removed from the belly of the whale, after being in it for 40 days and 40 nights.
  15. Allah permitting Moses splitting the Red Sea to save themselves from the pursuit of Pharaoh and his armies.
  16. Errors Prophet David as forgiven by Allah SWT.
  17. Prophet Sulayman great empire blessed by the gods.
  • 12 Rabi al-Awwal (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad's Day / Maulid Nabi), Commemoration of Prophet Muhammad's Birthday was first organized by Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayubi when facing the forces of the cross. The warning was used as a means to rekindle the fighting spirit and sacrifice, to save Muslims. Salahuddin al-Ayubi and finally managed to lead the Islamic army enters Jerusalem.
  • 27 Rajab (Day Isra 'Mi'raj), On the night of 27th of Rajab when the Prophet Muhammad was sleeping, came the angel Gabriel and Michael. The two angels membawaNabi ketelaga Zam-zam is not far from the House, the Kaaba. That place of the Prophet Muhammad's chest and heart surgery purified with zam-zam water. After all the "dirt" heart (bad traits such as: pride, envy, jealousy, greed and so forth) are removed, Gabriel filled with science, faith, wisdom and confidence.
Then Gabriel prophetic stamped on the shoulders of the Prophet Muhammad. Of zam-zam lake they went to the Aqsa Mosque by riding Buraq (according to Said bin Musayyit history, that Buraq Abraham vehicles commonly used to Baitullah - Mecca, while according to the modern commentators Buraq derived from the word "Barqun" means the Lightning).
Amid the trip Gabriel several times asked the Prophet down and praying. First Yasrib later known as Medina, two in Madyan, Mount Sinai Hill Third, fourth in Baitlehem. Arriving at the Aqsa Mosque, the Prophet Muhammad greeted by previous prophets and the angels and the Prophet Muhammad Salah brtindak as Imam completed by the Angel Gabriel Prophet Muhammad served two drinks that contain milk which other one contains Arak. Prophet choose beverages that contain milk.
A moment later the Apostle with Gabriel went on Mi'raj (a tool for the ride, which is a tool intended to ride for the souls of our children and grandchildren Adam) to Sidratul Muntaha, which is a highest point above the seventh heaven.
Thus they crossed the gates of heaven from first to seventh heaven door. Are each guarded by an angel.
The first sky Prophet Muhammad met with Prophet Adam.
The second sky Prophet Muhammad met with the Prophet Isa, the Prophet and the Prophet Yahya Zakaria as,
The third sky Prophet Muhammad met with Prophet Yusuf,
The fourth heaven Prophet Muhammad met with Prophet Idris,
The fifth sky Prophet Muhammad met with the Prophet Aaron,
The sixth sky Prophet Muhammad met with the Prophet Musa.
in the seventh heaven of the Prophet Muhammad watched Baitul Makmur that every day be penetrated by 70,000 Angels without going out again.
Next up was the Prophet Muhammad in Sidratul Muntaha. After receiving commands prayer, the Prophet returned to earth.
  • 15 Sha'ban (Day Door Grace), The greatness of this day is explained by the Prophet Muhammad. "Gabriel came to me at night Nishfu (15) Sha'ban, saying: O Muhammad, tonight the gates of heaven and the gates of mercy opened. Get up and Pray, lift your head and raise your two hands to heaven. the prophet of Allah asked, why this night, Gabriel? He replied Tonight 300 opened the door of grace.
God forgive all the mistakes of people who do not associate God with anything, except for a witch, astrologer artisan, the bernusuhan, people who constantly drank alcohol (wine or liquor), constantly committing adultery, usury, disobedience to the father's mother, the person who like pitting and those who decide kinship.
God does not forgive them until they repent and abandon those crimes. "The Prophet came out, then do Salah (alone) and crying in prostration, praying," O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the punishment and torment of thy well as from thy wrath. I do not limit your praise to You as You have praised Yourself. So for all thy praise it until you willingly "(Reported by Abu Hurairah). Therefore the very good evening for prayer and asking forgiveness from Allah SWT.
  • 17 Ramadan (Day of revelation of the Quran), On the night of 17 Ramadan was first revealed verses of the Qur'an when the Prophet Muhammad. digoa solitude Hira Jabal Nur about six kilometers from the city of Mecca.
  • 1 Shawwal (Eid al-Fitr), On that day Allah cleanse the sins of Muslims who have fulfilled the whole month of Ramadan fasting and paying tithes, so like a newborn baby.
  • 10 Zulhijjah (Eid al Adha), Also called the Feast of Sacrifice, the word comes from the Arabic Dzulhijjah, Dhul (got) and Hijjah (Hajj). Means "Which has Hajj".
Among the eight Great Day, which is celebrated as a national holiday in Indonesia was only 5 great days of Islam, namely: The feast of Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha feast, the birth of the Prophet, Isra 'Mi'raj, and the Islamic New Year.
While that is not celebrated as a national holiday is a day asyura, Nuzulul Quran and the Mid-Sha'ban.

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