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The Origin Of The History Of Islam In Brief

Before the arrival of Islam

The History Of Islam In Brief - The Arabian Peninsula before the arrival of Islam is a crossing of the trade in the Silk Road which makes the one between Indo Europe with Asia in the East. Most of the Arabs was Pagan and there are some that are the followers of religions Christians and Jews.
Mecca is a sacred place for the Arabs at that time, because there are the idols of their religion, the pool of Zamzam, and most important is the Kaaba. This community also called Ignorance or in terms of other stupid. Stupid here not in intelegensianya but in moral reasoning. The citizens of Quraysh was made famous by a society that likes to berpuisi. They make poetry as one of entertainment while gathered in crowded places.
The Origin Of The History Of Islam In Brief
The Origin Of The History Of Islam In Brief

The Early Days

Islam began in the year 611 when the first revelation was revealed to the Apostles of the last IE Muhammad Ibn Abdullah in Hira ', Saudi Arabia Muhammad was born in Mecca on the 12th of Rabi ' Al earlier in the year of the elephant (571 CE). He was born in the midst of the Quraish tribe in the time of ignorance, in the lives of the tribes of the desert who are warlike and idolatrous. Muhammad was born in a State of orphans, because his father, Abdullah, died when he was still in the womb.
At the time still 6 years old, his mother, Aminah died. Kelantan's mother, Muhammad was raised by his grandfather Abdul Muthalib and continued by his uncle Abu Talib IE. Muhammad later married a widow named Siti Khadijah and living simply. When Muhammad was 40 years old, he started to get the revelation that delivered the Angel Gabriel, and for some time afterwards began teaching Islamic teachings are covered to his companions. After three years of spreading Islam in stealth, eventually Islam then also delivered publicly to all the inhabitants of Mecca, which is where most receive and others against it.
In 622 CE, Muhammad and his followers moved to Medina. This event is called the Hijra, and since the event that is the basis of the beginning of the Islamic calendar calculation. In Medina, Muhammad was able to unite the people of Ansar (Muslims from Medina) and migrants (Muslims of Mecca), so the more kuatlah Muslims in every war conducted against the infidels, the Muslims always get the victory. In this initial phase, the inevitable occurrence of war between Mecca and Medina.
The primacy of diplomacy the Islamic prophet Muhammad at the time the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, causing Muslims entered a crucial phase. Many residents of Mecca who converted to Islam then turned enemy, so when the conquest of Mecca by Muslims is not the case of bloodshed. When Muhammad died, almost the whole of the Arabian peninsula had converted to Islam.
That's a brief history of islam that can i explain, may be useful.