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The Position Of Women In Islam

The Position Of Women In Islam

The Position Of Women In Islam - All praise belongs only to God, Lord of the universe. Blessings and greetings hopefully gushing to the prophets and Apostles of the most noble, to his family, his friends, as well as to anyone who pursue a course until the day of vengeance.

Muslim woman indeed had a high position in Islam and great influence in the life of every muslim. She will become the first madrasa in building communities that Salih, as he went over the instructions of the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet. Due to hold with both will alienate every muslim and Muslim women from going astray in every way.

The Position Of Women In Islam
The Position Of Women In Islam

Indeed it has been explained in the Qur'an of how important the role of women, both as a mother, wife, sister, mapun as children. Similarly with respect to rights and obligations. The existence of such matters have also been explained in the sunnah and distortion Error. 

the Congregation is not going away but because they are from the direction of God and of the teachings brought by the prophets and Apostles. The Prophet said, "I leave you guys on two things, where you guys will not get lost during the hold with both of them, that is the book of God and sunnahku." (Narrated by Maalik in al-Muwatta ' ' Al-Qadar III)

The role of the women is said to be important because many heavy loads that must be faced, even loads that must be shouldered by men. Therefore, it is incumbent for us to thank the Moms, worshipping him, and polite in attitude to him. The position of the mother towards her children more precedence than the position of the father. This is mentioned in the word of God.

"and we order to man (so good) to ibu-bapaknya; her mother had carried him in a weak state of Fame, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to me and mom to two bapakmu. Just to me lah you shall return. " (QS. Luqman: 14)

Similarly, in his words, "we order to man so do good to his mother. Her mother had carried him with difficulty, lying with difficulty (pula). Contain and his weaning is thirty months. " (QS. Al-Ahqaf: 15)
in a Hadith mentioned that there's never been a man came to the Prophet and said, "O Messenger of Allaah, the most anyone has the right to me to apply to him virtuous?" The Prophet replied, "your mother." The man asked again, "then after him who?" The Prophet replied, "your mother." The man asked again, "then after him who?" The Prophet replied, "your mother." The man asked again, "then after him who?" The Prophet replied, "your father." (Narrated by Al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Adab No. 5555 is also Muslim, Kitab al-Birr wa al-Shilah No. 2548)

From the above Hadith, should the magnitude of our devotion to mother tripled our devotional to the father. Then, the position of wives and its effects on the peace of one's soul (the husband) has been described in the Qur'an. 

God says, "and among the signs of his power is that he created for you wives from yourselves, that ye may be inclined and feel at peace to her, and makes sense of the love and affection between you guys." (QS. AR-Rum: 21)

Al-Haafiz Ibn Katheer-may Alah merahmatinya-explains the notion of God's Word: "mawaddah wa-" that is the sense of love, mawaddah and nurses is a sense of compassion. 

A man makes a woman as his wife could be due to his love for the woman or the woman's affection to the next, from the love and compassion are both getting older.

Indeed, we can see a good example in this issue of Khadija, wife of the Prophet, which has large Nani in soothing fears the Messenger when he is visited by the Angel Gabriel brought revelation that first time in goa Hira '. The Prophet went home with shaking and almost fainted, and then said to Khadija, "Selimuti me, selimuti me! Really I worry with me. " For the sake of the Prophet saw that, Khadija said to him, "calm down. Indeed, for the sake of God, surely he will not disgrace yourselves. You are the people who always connect cord friendship, always honest, stand the suffering, work out what has not been done to others, helping the weak and defend the truth. " (Narrated by Al-bukhaari, Kitaab Bad ' al-Wahyi No. 3, and Muslim, Kitab al-Iman No. 160)

We also certainly not forgotten with the role of ' Aisha. Many of the companions, whether male or female, to accept the Hadith from him with regard to religious laws.

There is no doubt that a house full of flavor of love, of love and affection, as well as Islamic education will have an effect on one's life. With the permission of God of a person living in the home environment as it will always get help from God in every matter, be successful in a job that he took, in either study, trade, agriculture or other works.

That's the discussion about the position of Women in Islam I can explain, may be useful.