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The Virtue Of Friday In Islam

Nine Of The Virtue Of Friday In Islam

The Virtue Of Friday In Islam  - Want to know what are the virtue of Friday? The following was the virtue of Friday according to the Islamic teachings that you need to know.

  1. Best day, Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger y z bersabada: "best day where the Sun rose that day is Friday. On the day that Adam was created, entered heaven and ejected him. And the Rapture will not occur except on Friday.
  2. There is an efficacious Time to pray. Abu hurayrah said: the Messenger of God said: "there is a time on Friday an efficacious when a muslim praying and pleading for something to God at that time, God will grant it. Rasululllah signaling with his hand describing at least time (H. Muttafaqun Alaih). Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziah after explain the differing opinions about when that time-says: "among the many opinions there are two of the most powerful, as indicated in many Hadith sahih, first time covering khatib until completion of the prayer. Second, after the ASR prayer, and this is the strongest of the two opinions (Zadul Ma'ad Volume I/389-390).
  3. Alms in the day is better than alms on the other days. Ibn Qayyim said: "Alms on that day compared to the alms on the other six days as alms on the month of Ramadan compared to other Moons". The hadeeth of Kab z explains: "alms on that day And more noble than any rest days". (Saheeh Mauquf)
  4. The day when God appeared unto his servants who believe in heaven. Companion Anas Ibn Malik in commenting on the verse: "and we have additionally" (Qur'an 50:35) says: "God appeared to them every Friday".
  5. The big day that repeats every week. Ibn Abbas said: the Messenger of Allah SAW said: "today is a great day that God set for the Ummah, then who wanted to attend Friday prayers and let the shower first." (Narrated By Ibn Maajah)
  6. Today the abolition of sins. Salman the Pharisees said: the Prophet said, "who's taking a bath on Friday, purity appropriate capabilities, smoothing her hair, applying perfume, then went to the mosque, and entered the mosque without a bypass between the two men was spent, then pray for appropriate guidance and silent when the imam preaching, he pardoned his sins between two Friday". (Narrated By Al-Bukhaari).
  7. The person who goes to pray Friday will earn a reward for each turn, equivalent to the reward of worship a year praying and fasting. Aus Ibn Aus z said: the Messenger of the y said, "who's taking a bath on Friday, and then hastened to the mosque, and occupy the leading row then he is silent, then every step that he shot got the reward of fasting and praying for one year, and it is an easy thing for God". (Narrated by Ahmad and classed as Saheeh Sunan, Reported by Ibn Khuzaymah).
  8. Died on the evening of Friday or siangnya is a sign of husnul khatimah, i.e. exempt from libel (doom) Tomb. Narrated by Ibn ' AMR, that the Prophet said: "any muslim who dies on Friday afternoon or evening, Allah would rescue her from the grave slander". (Narrated by Ahmad and Al-tirmidhi, graded Saheeh by Al-Bani).
  9. Today most of the world's major

The Virtue Of Friday In Islam
The Virtue Of Friday In Islam

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There are some events that occur on a Friday is, among other things:

  • God creates Adam ' alaihissallam and died on Friday.
  • The day the Prophet Adam ' alaihissallam put in heaven.
  • The day the Prophet Adam ' alaihissallam descended from heaven toward Earth.
  • Day of impending Apocalypse.
From Abu Hurairah Radi ' anhu that the Messenger of Allaah ' alaihi wa sallam said:
"Best Days where sunrise on that day is Friday, the day that Adam was created, and on the day that Adam put into heaven, and descended from heaven, on that very day the Apocalypse will happen on that day, there was a time where it is not a believer to pray to God expect kindness unless God granted his request." (Narrated By Muslim).
That's the virtue of the nine Friday in view of the religion of islam.