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Tips On Choosing Travel Hajj And ' Umrah So That Our Worship Smoothly

Tips on choosing travel Hajj and ' Umrah so that our worship smoothly

Worship worship the most including umrah Supreme effort and closer to the most important God with which Allah raised degrees his servants and him also God remove errors from them.
When the would-be pilgrims will select Travel/the Office for ' Umrah/Hajj certainly should be a lot of things to consider before taking a decision of choosing a Travel/Travel Office for what will be selected. For that matter, some of the tips below can be used as a consideration of the potential worshipers. May be useful.
Tips On Choosing Travel Hajj And ' Umrah So That Our Worship Smoothly
Tips On Choosing Travel Hajj And ' Umrah So That Our Worship Smoothly

The Legality of Companies

Select Travel/the Office for ' Umrah and Hajj Plus which has the complete Legality and still valid, such as:
  • Business License General Travel Agency
  • Fixed License Business Tourism
  • Sign Companies List
  • NPWP Company
  • Company
  • Domicile Affidavits Deed Of Establishment Of The Company
  • SK Mora. Director-General of the Organization of the Hajj and Umrah travel organizers – as the Hajj and Umrah
  • Member Certificate Certificate of Islamic Business Institutions of the National Islamic Council
The legality of that obviously is the absolute terms, because it was concerned kredibiltas and responsibility as organizers against the Ministry of pilgrims since then leaves, while in the Holy land to return safely to your country.
Quite a lot Tour & Travel / provider operators Taking Umrah Pilgrimage and that do not have any official permit and serve registration taking umrah and haji then in sub-Kan to provider operators Taking Umrah Pilgrimage has a permit to & official.

Check location the Tour & Travel / Organizer Travel Bureau mini haj pilgrimage & Pilgrimage is "must" You can do for more convincing to see directly "activities companies' activities" candidate registration activities included a "assembly"

If company offices that you choose away from your home, you can ask for help 'brothers' or 'relatives' close to the company, as the vice you.


In accordance with the company and demands the congregation for simplicity in this registration mini haj pilgrimage or hajj, the Company Counter / provider operators journey taking Umrah Pilgrimage opened the opportunity to open & representative offices in the region with the aim is to enhance the quality of services to the congregation.

You need to see if registration through their agents Representatives, You have to pay more attention among others:
  • SK appointment As an Agent legal representation from the Central office that are still in force
  • Domicile Representative Office that is clearly
  • Whom The WB Representative Office was
  • human resources Management Representative Office
  • And others


See Track Recordnya or the record travel company :
in how counter, standing : More long standing, it means the company has had the experience that is quite mature as the organizer travel mini haj pilgrimage or hajj
Berapakali dispatching his Congregation : More often / company has a routine departure schedule assembly, it means companies have credibility and good cooperation with government agencies-related institutions (Dept. Immigration for islamic Pasport and Visa, Dept. Health Care for islamic vaccine manginitis, airlines, hotels, catering, Transportation and others) fully back-up for scheduled departure for sure
How many Muslim community members who have adequate : a growing number of Muslim community members who had gone up, it means level of trust the congregation in the company has been very good, and all that is back in service satisfaction assembly.


Before you decide go out with a counter or Organizer travel Bureau mini haj pilgrimage or Hajj Plus, that must be paid attention is various facilities what You will get, among others:
• Total costs or the price of which will be sure (fixed
• other fees to explain it assembly (Airport Tax, Visa and vaccine)
• Star hotels and how long distance from the hotel Masjid Al-Nabawi consigned to worship (and Majidil unlawful)
• aircraft that used ..... (Directly Jeddah or Transit first)
• schedule pilgrimage rituals before your departure
• equipment mini haj pilgrimage or Hajj acquired (Travel bags, while cain, blazer, ihrom uniform, the book guide pilgrimage rituals, ID Card and others)
• Insurance Guarantee Soul and accident
• Easy payment method or paying
• And others
All these things above You need to consider.


The price of cheap price is temptation that does not need to become the first choice. Standards rates Counter / provider operators mini haj pilgrimage & Major in general.
If the price offered "cheaper" than the price in general, it is possible that there is a component of costs reduced among others:
  • Accomodation aircraft that used
  • Hotel a place to stay
  • Means of transportation or bus
  • Catering menu that is provided
  • Places sacred tour or acts that was visited by
  • Service officer in the Holy Land
is suggested to don't believe, rather than pursue rates "cheap" can cause you abandoned there or times of worship you to not humble themselves just because you are not that there is a comfort. Or even more at risk, is not so or failed to go.


All kinds of payment transaction, we should all be with the system payment transaction through banking services (transfer or debit account) or if you make payment in cash, should be done directly in a cashier companies and get a receipt form company seal with payment invoice.

Transfer of funds will be done to an account in name of the company, avoid payment to the account in my own name even though "concerned" is penangung company's responsibility.
So how to choose counter pilgrimage and mini haj pilgrimage to worship you, and hopefully it will benefit you.