Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips On Islamic Education In Children Early

How A Good Islamic Education For Children

Islamic Education For Children - Educate in Islamic is not something difficult is done if the parents want to learn to apply Islamic education in children early on. The child is the mandate from Allah that should be guarded carefully, given education so that it can grow into a personal Salih and can become the pride of his parents.
Unfortunately, parents are now easier to blame over behavior that is not good compared to evaluate whether parents are already applying Islamic education in children with both. Educate children will be much easier if a small child is still started. Children will absorb what is being taught more parents when she was a child.
Tips On Islamic Education In Children Early
Tips On Islamic Education In Children Early
Therefore, parents can learn to educate children by applying the following tips so that children grow up with Islamic character.
  1. Teach Prayer, Teach children to pray since he was a kid. Invite them to pray in congregation as a form of conditioning and discipline to the education of the child. Teach them to pray on time since childhood, so that later when she can automatically bring it wherever it is. The Prophet said, "Teach your sons prayer when they are seven years old, and when they are aged ten years old, give it the penalty if the neglect of prayer."
  2. Introduce and Instill the affection of God Almighty on the child, you can introduce the compassion of God in children by way of familiarizing them to give "La illaha false God". Then when asked something, always teach them to request only to God Almighty in their prayers, faith or child can firmly entrenched in dala their souls. Relaxing moments, tell me why man should worship and obedience to God Almighty.
  3. Every child is Born unique, the first thing that must be realized by the parents is God Almighty created the kids with characters and different properties. Each child has a unique character so it cannot equated the pattern of his education. Parents need to recognize the kareakter children in order to educate children in accordance with their uniqueness and avoid the ' imposition ' against children. Children need parental support to push them further by developing the potential of the Almighty God gave them.
  4. The love family, Limpahi children the affection that would make it also are merciful on her family. Flavor of love's family will make children become Salih, would pray for her parents and all of her family to survive in the world and in the hereafter.
  5. Instill Social Soul, children should be conditioned to be sensitive to the surrounding circumstances. This will foster the social soul so that he could become sensitive to the distress of others. A sense of empathy that will mendodong the child to help others who are trouble, and it was a trait that must be owned by a muslim.
  6. Talk with the plain language, so that the child understands what you mean time teach children about islam, do not use Microsoft language that cumbersome and ' sophisticated automated analysers ', as it will make the child confused more saturated. Try to give understanding in children with language that is affordable to their reason, so that children feel happy when you gave him islam knowledge. Use simple language and clear.
  7. Make it a habit to read, Reading is one way to unlock insight and increase knowledge. Exemplified son supay amau avid reader, especially of religious studies as the basis for them in worship to God Almighty and she should deal with other people. There were no losers familiarize children avid reader, so that children have a willingness to learn without being forced.
  8. Make it a habit of worship and doing good, Teach children to worship on a regular basis like praying 5 times a day, fasting Ramadan, praying before any activity, smiling to everyone as a form of worship, giving charity, and did well against the parents, relatives and friends. If the child is routinely run it, will undoubtedly be of good character who settled on the children.
  9. Be the parent who gives a good Example, of course, educating children in Islamic should also involve parents as role models. Do not let the Islamic religious education is only charged to teachers of religion, while many parents violated the teachings of islam itself. Be a good role model for children in berislam and have the good, karenaa childhood education is indeed rooted in both of her parents.
  10. Teach the child to look for solutions, in the face of problems, tuntun children to think solutif. That is, teach the child to look for solutions to the problem, instead of just complaining. Also teach children to always invoke the help of to God Almighty in order that children are always sure that God is Almighty Gives a way out.
God willing, your kids will grow up as a child that Salih thanks to good Islamic education from his parents. so the short article about Islamic education for children.