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The History Of The City Of Aleppo Syria

The History Of The City Of Aleppo Syria

The History Of The City Of Aleppo Syria - Aleppo, or Halab is in Arabic, is one of the oldest cities in the world. The town is mentioned in texts from Egypt from the 20th century BC. Aleppo flourished in politics and Economics during the 18th century BC as the capital of the Kingdom of Yankhad, to fall into the hands of Nations Het.

The city subsequently became an important city of the Hellenistic period and was a major trading post for merchants that passes between the Mediterranean and lies to the East. Aleppo was finally entered into the Roman Empire and into traffic lanes caravans under the Byzantines.
The History Of The City Of Aleppo Syria
The History Of The City Of Alepp

In 636, Aleppo was conquered by Muslim Arabs. Some 80 years later, during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Suleiman, by the great mosque was built. In the 10th century, Aleppo became the capital of the dynasty, but then it Hamdani wartime experience by the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Fatamids, and the Seljuks to get control of the area.

Aleppo continues shook until the middle of the 12th century. In the 13th century, a prosperity period feels of Aleppo and large expansion. However, in 1260, Aleppo was conquered by the Mongols. The city then experienced a plague in 1348 and a devastating attack by the East in 1400. In 1516, Aleppo became part of the Ottoman Empire. He soon became the capital of its own province and emerged as the nexus of trade between the East and Europe.

The role of Aleppo as a transit center for trade declined in the late 18th century and the blockade by France and the United Kingdom that cuts the city from Turkey South and North Iraq, and cause the loss of Meidetrania in the port of Alexandretta (now Iskenderun), in Turkey, in 1939.

After the independence of Syria, the City developed into a major industrial center, a rival of the capital Damascus, and its population is growing massively from 300,000 inhabitants to around 2.3 million in 2005. When the anti-regime protests Assad erupted in Syria in March 2011, the regime Nushairiyah do everything to make sure their territory is not captured Aleppo to get caught up in the unrest.