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Know The Term Hajj Mabroor And Understanding In Islam

Know The Term Hajj Mabroor In Islam

The Term Hajj Mabroor | We often hear the term hajj mabroor in our daily life. Our prayer to our brothers who will go to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage with the phrase, "may be the Mabroor pilgrimage" is not a new term for us.
But do we know what the true meaning of this hajj mabroor term? What is the meaning and understanding contained behind the word haji mabroor? What are the signs until someone can be said to have won the Mabroor pilgrimage? And that is not less important is how to or how to achieve the hajj mabroor it? Therefore, in my article this time, I will try to invite all of us to study this topic together.
Term Hajj Mabroor And Understanding In Islam
Hajj Mabroor
This article is a continuation of the previous article that explains about UNDERSTANDING OF THE HAJJ in islam, You can read it in previous posts.

Understanding Hajj Mabroor

Language, "haji mabroor" means "good pilgrimage". Mabroor comes from the word "al-birru" which means "goodness". In the Oral Book of al-Arab, "mabroor" can mean good, holy, and clean and also means maqbul or accepted. Meanwhile, according to the terms that have been formulated by the scholars, "Mabroor pilgrimage" has a variety of meanings, among others as follows:
"Hajj mabroor is a pilgrimage haji that is pilgrimage accepted by Allah swt".
"Hajj mabroor it is pilgrims are not polluted by sin, or pilgrimage received by Allah SWT, which no riya, no sum'ah, no rafats and no fusuq".
"Hajj mabroor it is the pilgrimage is clean of all sins, full of charity sholeh and virtues".
Based on the description above, then we can conclude that the pilgrim mabroor meaningful:
"The pilgrimage received by Allah swt because it is not defiled by sin, riya ', sum'ah, rofats and fusuq, done with sincere intention because Allah swt alone, full of good deeds and virtues in it".
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Scholars differ in interpreting Mabroor pilgrimage. Some argue that he is a pilgrim deed received by the side of Allah, and partly argues that the hajj whose fruit appears on the culprit with an indication of his situation after the pilgrimage much better before he had a pilgrimage. One of the Ulama of Hadith Al Hafidh Ibn Hajar al 'Asqalani in the book of Fathul Baarii, Sahih Bukhari-Muslim explains: "Hajj mabroor is the pilgrim of maqbul i.e. Hajj accepted by Allah Subhanahu waTa'ala."