Thursday, November 30, 2017

Definition Of Terrorism According To Experts In The Field

Definition Of Terrorism According To Experts | Terrorism is always synonymous with violence. Terrorism is the culmination of violence, terrorism is the apex of violence. It could be violence without terror, but no terror without violence. Terrorism is not the same as intimidation or sabotage. Targets of intimidation and sabotage are generally immediate, whereas terrorism is not.
Victims of acts of Terrorism are often innocent people. The terrorists intend to create a sensation for the public to pay attention to what they stand for. Terror action is not the same as vandalism, whose motive damages physical objects. Simply put, Terrorism is coordinated attacks aimed at arousing the feeling of terror against a group of people.
Definition Of Terrorism According
Definition Of Terrorism
There are many institutions that provide definitions of terrorism, among which are well known are as follows:
According to the Black's Law Dictionary, Terrorism is an activity that involves an element of violence or that poses a harmful effect to human life in violation of criminal law (American or American state), which is clearly intended to: a. intimidating the civilian population. b. influence government policy. c. affect the state administration by way of kidnapping or murder.
According to Webster's New World College Dictionary (1996), the definition of Terrorism is "the use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate." The doctrine distinguishes Terrorism into two definitions: the definition of terrorist acts and perpetrators terrorism (terrorism actor). It is agreed by most experts that the actions classified into Terrorist acts are those that have elements:
  • Violence
  • political goals
  • terror / intended audience.
The academic definition of Terrorism cannot be harmonized into a juridical definition. Even the United States that has a lot of act that calls the word terrorism or terrorist in it, until now still cannot provide standard definition of Terrorism, both academically and juridically.
The definition also proposed by several institutions and authors, among others:

According to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

International Terrorism is Terrorism conducted with the support of government or foreign organizations and or directed against foreign countries, institutions or governments.

According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Terrorism is the use of unlawful power or violence over a person or property to intimidate a government, civilian population and its elements to achieve social or political objectives.

According to US Departments of State and Defense

Terrorism is politically motivated violence and is committed by state agencies or subnational groups against non-combatant group targets. Usually with the intent to influence the audience. International terrorism is terrorism involving citizens or territories of more than one country.
And there are many other definitions of terrorism according to experts who cannot be mentioned here all.