Thursday, November 30, 2017

Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic, a Handsome Hafidz Qur'an from America

Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic | Hafidz Al-Quran, with handsome and slang, makes Fatih Seferagic, a Caucasian in America, to become an idol of the Islamic ummah today. In recent months, netizens have been overwhelmed by the appearance of a handsome priest video from the United States. In the video seen a young man but very eloquently recite the verses of the Qur'an and lead the prayer. Suddenly did not take long the video then became viral and became the talk of many people.
So who is Fatih exactly, here are the facts:
Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic
Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic

Born in Germany

Fatih Seferagic was born in Germany, March 1, 1995. At the age of 4 he and his family moved to the United States, staying in Arizona for 3-4 years before settling in Baltimore, Maryland for 7 years where he started and completed his memorization of the Koran.

Have learned to read the Qur'an since childhood

Fatih Seferagic began learning to recite and memorize the Koran from the age of nine. Fatih is under the care of Shaykh Qari Zahid and Qari Abid at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Maryland. The result at the age of just 12 years, Fatih has become Hafiz.

Fatih Seferagic learned to memorize the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW

At the age of 12, Fatih Seferagic had memorized the Quran 30 juz. Fatih began to learn memorizing the hadiths since the age of nine.

Actively organize

Not only mastered the science of religion, Bosnia's bloody man was also active in social life and organization. In addition to being the head of Teenagers of Shaykh Yasir Birjas Mosque in Dallas, Texas, Fatih also joins as a writer on the Islamic website addressing youth issues, Muslim Youth Musing.

A teacher

While at school, Fatih also taught the Koran. He will teach tajwid Al-Quran to how to memorize Al-Quran. The unique learning directly to him can use the Skype facility. But unfortunately it is only for the US and Canada.

Have hundreds of thousands of followers

Fatih also actively uploaded his activity on social media from Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram.


If you see Fatih instagram, maybe you will be a little surprised by his appearance. If you are reading the Koran or being a prayer imam, Fatih Seferagic uses a closed shirt. But beyond that Fatih including quite fashionable men with jeans, shirts, shirts like most young people.