A brief history of the Prophet Muhammad (Born until Death)

A brief history of the Prophet Muhammad (Born until Death)

on this occasion, we will peel away a little bit of brief history of the Prophet Muhammad from birth to death. Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet who was sent to Earth to bring his people to the right path. He was born of a mother who called Siti Aminah and father named Abdullah, who was born on Monday, 12 Rabi ‘ Al early or April 22, 571 M in the city of Mecca in the year Fiil (elephants) and died on 8 June 632 M in Medina, aged 63 years. The Prophet Muhammad was born in a State of orphans, when the Prophet Muhammad was still in the womb, his father had died. The Prophet was born of a noble family of the Banu quraish. Full name Muhammad bin Abdullāh this was a born to a family of the Banu Quraish which takes the teachings of Islam. The name Muhammad means people are commendable. The name was given by his grandfather, namely Abdul Muthalib.

The Time Of The Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad

Before the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, there are a lot of things look much different when compared to after his birth and was marked by great happens very unusual at the time.

The Period Of Ignorance

The times of ignorance, before the birth of the Prophet, which the people of the Prophet when it was accustomed to worship idols. They are familiar also with drunkenness, gambling, degrading and immoral women degrees. Life on the move and was split into several tribes called “tribes”. Life full of freedom and has no rules in society, so that their lives at a time when it was very chaotic.

The Events Of The “Year Of The Elephant”

The events of the “year of the elephant” is the occurrence of Mecca raid by forces of Abrahah, during the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Year of the elephant was the year of occurrence of the invasion by the forces of the Kaaba or the army of the King of Abrahah i.e. Governor-Habashi in Yemen. A troupe of his Elephant army is about to destroy the Kaaba as the Quraish will increasingly respectable and on every year is always crowded humanity to do Hajj. This is what makes Abrahah wanted to deflect the human race in order to no longer come to Makkah. Then the great founded the Church at Abrahah Shan’a named Al-Qulles. But his efforts were not successful, no one want to come to church Al Qulles it. Abrahah very furious and ultimately deploy soldiers riding elephants to attack the Kaaba.

Childhood Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad since his childhood has been given a life like a normal human, but he is highly exalted by God Almighty, even in the womb of his mother he had been abandoned by his father. He was born in an orphan and at the age of 6 years he was left by his mother. So he became an orphan, he sensed what was experienced by human beings in General. And at the age of 8 years old, he was left by his grandfather Abdul Muthalib. The life that he lives can become role models for mankind.

Prophet Muhammad feedings by Tsuaibah for 3 days and by his grandfather he feedings to Halima As-Sa’diyah and be in her approximately 6 years. At the age of 5 months she can already walk and at the age of 9 months already fluent speech. During his childhood he had to herd the goats. Abu Talib (uncle of the Prophet) invites to trade when he was only 12 years into the land of Sham. He brought up his uncle after the death of his grandfather left, then keep the Prophet until at the age of over 40 years.

Prophet Muhammad’s Chest Ripped Open

At the age of 4 years, the Angel Gabriel splitting his chest and pulled out a WAD of blood and liver from the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s chest then the Angel Gabriel wash it and organize them back into place and Prophet Mohammed remains in a healthy state.

Religious Proselytizing The Prophet Muhammad SAW

The Prophet receives revelation to deliver and broadcast the religious teachings of Islam and invite humanity to worship Allah. He conveys the Da’wah in stealth. As for those who first enter the religion of Islam, namely family and his companions: his wife Siti Khadijah, his friend Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Abu Bakr As-Shiddiq, adoptive son of Zayd Ibn Haritha, Uthman Ibn Affan, Zubair and many more family and the companions of the apostle.

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For the past 3 years the Prophet preaching in furtive glances from one House to another House. Then came a letter Al Hijr: 94 (QS 15 paragraph 94).

فَٱصۡدَعۡ بِمَا تُؤۡمَرُ وَأَعۡرِضۡ عَنِ ٱلۡمُشۡرِكِينَ ٩٤

94. Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists.

With the descent of this verse then the Prophet Muhammad began to preach openly. The response of the people of Quraysh at the time was furious and banned the broadcasting of islam brought by Prophet Muhammad’s life even seriously threatened. But the Prophet and his companions the stronger to face the challenges and obstacles encountered with fortitude and patience despite the ridicule, scorn, mockery and quasi-oppose the entire teaching of the prophets.

The Apostolic Age The Prophet

In the Apostolic age the Prophet Muhammad on the 10th year occurs called “Amul Huzni” i.e. the years of grief where his uncle Abu Talib and his wife Siti Khadijah died as well as Muslims in a State of miserable. In the midst of his sadness, he picked up the Angel Gabriel to do Isra Mi’raj i.e. traveled from Holy Haram mosque to Al-Aqsha towards al-Muntaha point to get to Heaven to Almighty God and to receive prayer command the five-time.
In year 10 H, the Prophet did the farewell pilgrimage or Hajj separation. In his standing in ‘ Arafah (wuquf), he delivered a make containing about the prohibition of performing the shedding of blood except in the right way, a ban on taking the property of others in a way that is not true, the prohibition of eating the treasure of usury, the freeing of slaves must be treated in a good way, and so that his people always hold fast to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. After preaching for 23 years, he died at the age of 63 years.

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