Who Is Fatih Seferagic, A Handsome Young Man Who Memorizes The Quran

Young and handsome is the opinion of most people when looking at the figure of a Fatih Seferagic. The young man who currently lives in the United States has lately been sticking to the public because of the videos he uploaded on YouTube social.
The sound of the chanting of the sacred verses he brought was fascinating when he was listened to. Not a little reflection if he lives in the United States that the majority is not a Muslim country.
He was still 22 years old, but his versatility to recite and recite Qur’anic verses was admired by his peers. Nevertheless, as a teenager, Fatih Seferagic still doing his hobbies from main games to ice skating.
Fatih’s video that chants the Quranic verses is scattered across YouTube and discussed on various social media, from twitter to Facebook. In the video, Fatih chants qiro’ah by becoming a prayer priest in congregation. All the long verses were sung Fatih out of the head.
Who Is Fatih Seferagic, A Handsome Young Man
Fatih Seferagic, A Handsome Young Man
As quoted from Muslim Youth Musing, the German-born teenager, March 2, 1995, began learning to memorize the Qur’an at the age of 9 years and can memorize the Koran or hafiz, the next three years. Fatih Seferagic studied at a school that specialized in memorizing the Quran in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Bosnian family of Fatih has indeed moved to the United States at the age of four. After complete memorization of the Qur’an, Fatih continued to study the hadith. In 2010, Fatih was accepted at the Bayyinah Dream Program, which enabled him to study Arabic.
Nevertheless, on the sidelines he studied religion, this youth also organized. Fatih Seferagic is the head of Teen Shaykh Yasir Birjas Mosque in Dallas, Texas. He also joins the teenage religious website, Muslim Youth Musing. This site discusses teenage issues seen from an Islamic point of view. Well, Fatih incorporated into one of the authors.
Of course, as a teenager Fatih also does his hobbies, such as writing, reading, playing games, learning languages, philosophy and psychology. And like teens in the United States (US) in general, Fatih also has social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.
Not only that, Fatih Seferagic also offers a special private Koran through Skype, which is domiciled in the US and Canada. Oh yeah, one more, because of the exhortation of memorizing the Koran, this good looking young man seems to have many fans, mainly from women.
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