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A Full Explanation About What is Islam

Explanation About What is Islam What is Islam | Islam (Arabic: الإسلام, translit. al-islām) is a religion that believe in one God, i.e. Allah. With more than a quarter of a billion followers around the world, making Islam as the second largest religion after Christianity. Islam means “submission ” , or surrender fully to God […]

Tips On Choosing Travel Hajj And ‘ Umrah So That Our Worship Smoothly

Tips on choosing travel Hajj and ‘ Umrah so that our worship smoothly Worship worship the most including umrah Supreme effort and closer to the most important God with which Allah raised degrees his servants and him also God remove errors from them. When the would-be pilgrims will select Travel/the Office for ‘ Umrah/Hajj certainly […]

Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic, a Handsome Hafidz Qur’an from America

Interesting Fact about Fatih Seferagic | Hafidz Al-Quran, with handsome and slang, makes Fatih Seferagic, a Caucasian in America, to become an idol of the Islamic ummah today. In recent months, netizens have been overwhelmed by the appearance of a handsome priest video from the United States. In the video seen a young man but […]

Surah Al-Masad Word by Word Meaning and The Explanation In English

Surah Al-Masad Word by Word Meaning In this article we will learn about Surah Al-Masad Word by Word Meaning In English. Surah Al Masad is the 111th letter of the Al-Quran which consists of 5 verses, including the class of Makkiyyah letters, handed down after the letter of Al Fath. The name Al Lahab is […]

The Meaning of We Created You in Pairs

The Meaning of We Created You in Pairs We Created You in Pairs | All kinds of delights are handed down by Allah to us humans. Grace of love is the most beautiful gift given by God to the human heart. So that by pairing up, humans can feel the love that is so beautiful. […]

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