The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

What Is Early Childhood Education Was Important?

The Importance Of Early Childhood Education – For parents, the child is the expectation in the future. Each parent nobody denied that the son is a priceless investment. The success of the children in the future is the pride for her parents. However, the success of a child will not be achieved if not supported by a good education. Therefore, parents should already have to prepare for his son’s education as early as possible.
Talking about the education for children, of how far his parents in preparing for her son’s education from an early age or in the term now called early childhood education or Pre-school. Because, with the education that was planted early on that it will greatly affect the development of the forward on his adult life.

The Importance Of Early Childhood Education
The Importance Of Early Childhood Education

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Indeed, early childhood education is not only the most important to a child’s success in the future. However, it is one among the many important things that should be noted. Because of the maturity of the education from an early age is very influential to the development of children from various aspects of intelligence. In addition, early childhood education, children will become more mature and ready to face the world of school.
Organization of early childhood education in the developed world have lasted long as a form of community-based education (community based education), but so far the coverage of early childhood education is still limited in terms of amount or aksesibilitasnya. For example, child care and play groups are still concentrated in the cities. But when viewed from the level of his needs would be treatment early on, children of early age in rural areas and from a poor family is much higher in order to compensate for the lack of stimulation of intellectual, social, and moral of the family and parents.
The importance of early childhood education has been the international attention. In a meeting of the World Education Forum in 2000 in Dakar Senegal produces six deal as a framework for action on education for all and one grain is to expand and improve the overall care and early childhood education, particularly for children who are very prone to and less fortunate, the forum has agreed to implement this commitment.

There are four principal considerations the importance of early childhood education, namely:

  1. Prepare the manpower quality,
  2. Encourage the acceleration of the economic turnaround and low social costs due to high work productivity and durability,
  3. Improving equity in public life,
  4. To help parents and children.

Early childhood education is not merely serves to provide a learning experience to children, but more importantly it serves to optimize brain development. Early childhood education should also cover the entire process of psychosocial stimulation and is not limited to the learning process that occurs within the institution. This means that early childhood education can take place anywhere and anytime as is the human interaction that occurs within the family, peers, and of viable relationships in accordance with the conditions and early childhood development.
At the Institute of early childhood education, the children already taught the basics of how to learn. Certainly at an early age, they will learn the basics. They are taught in a way that they know, i.e. passing play. But it is not just a play, but play is directed. Passing plays directed, they could learn a lot; How to socialize, problemsolving (solve the problem), negotiation, time management, conflict resolution, is in a large group/small, social obligations, and can learn from one to three languages.
Because passing play, the child does not feel compelled to learn. While playing, children’s brains are in a State of quiet. It was a quiet moment, education can enter and embedded. Of course how to play origin cannot, should be directed and it need a power that has the ability and the right way to teach. The class should contain the excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Rather than being event pull-output strength among his teachers. Should a child’s attitude was awakened a passion for learning.
At the Institute of early childhood education, children will learn to be independent, strong personal socializing, confident, had a great curiosity, can pick up ideas, develop ideas, go to another school and ready to learn, quick to adapt, and a passion for learning. Meanwhile, children who don’t get enough education at an early age, will slowly receive something.
That’s The importance of early childhood education, hopefully helpful.

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