Zakah On And Types In Islam That Need You Know

Zakah On And Types In Islam | This time we will discuss about zakah and various charity. Because as Muslims should not underestimate the zakah because zakah is included into the tenets of Islam to the four. What Zakah? What are the various tithes? Anyone who is entitled to receive zakah? Let’s just refer to the discussion here.Zakah (Arabic: زكاة transliteration: Zakah) in terms of a particular term is a treasure that must be issued by a Muslim man and given to the heirs received it (the poor and so on). Zakah in terms of language means ‘ clean ‘, ‘ sacred ‘, ‘ fertile ‘, ‘ blessing ‘ and ‘ developing ‘. According to the provisions set by the Islamic Shari’a. Zakah is the third tenets of Islamic tenets.

Zakah On And Types In Islam That Need You Know
Zakah On And Types In Islam

Zakah is included into the tenets of Islam and became one of the most important elements in enforcing the Islamic jurisprudence. Therefore the law of zakah is obligatory for every muslim who has met certain conditions. Zakah is also a form of worship like prayer, hajj, fasting, and others and has been arranged in detail based on the quran and Sunnah.

A Brief History Of Zakah

Every Muslim is obligated to give alms that God provided sustenance. This obligation is written in the Koran. At first, the Qur’an simply says to give alms (giving out, not mandatory). However, days later, Muslims were ordered to pay zakah. Zakah law be compulsory since the year 662 m. Muhammad instituted the zakah by setting a progressive tax for the wealthy to lighten the load of their life is poor. Since this time, the charity applied in Islamic countries. This suggests that in the future there is the regulation of charities, especially regarding the amount of zakah.At a time when the power of the Caliph, the zakah collected by civil servant and distributed to certain groups of people. This group of poor, widows, slaves who want to buy their freedom, those who are drowning in debt and unable to pay.

A Variety Of Zakah

Zakah consists of two kinds, namely the zakah fitrah and maal.

Zakah Fitrah

The first is the zakah fitrah. Zakah fitrah zakah which is required for the muslim Idul Fitri Eve or on the month of Ramadan. Zakah fitrah payable that is the equivalent of 3.5 liters (2.5 kilograms) of the staple food of the region concerned. If the staple food in the area is rice, then that can be made as Zakah is rice.

Zakah Maal

The second is the zakah maal. Zakah maal (treasures) is an agricultural income as zakah, the result mining, seafood, commercial results, results of livestock, treasures, gold and silver findings. Each type has its own calculations of income.Such An Explanation Of Zakah On According To The Islamic Sharia In Full, May Be Useful For All Readers

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